Monday, June 22, 2009

Skout Trade Fair

The excitement all started when I joined Skout Trade Fair and met Lou (Louise Donnelly-Davey). Wow...what can I say about the lovely Lou...those of you who have had the pleasure in crossing paths with this creative, talented, kind and generous woman....will know how amazing she is. A mother, mentor, business consultant (the list goes on), Lou loves to help others in making their business's successful. Lou is an inspiration to me, and has given my business a start that I will never forget her for..Mwah xx

Lou is the founder of Skout Trade Fair, it is a fabulous social networking site, 'the place to be seen if you buy, sell, design, represent, write about or even photograph fabulous kids, baby & mummalicious products!'. Joining STF has been the best thing I have ever done for my career (aside from taking the leap to start Style Me Gorgeous!), STF is brimming with amazing women who are all keen to share, help and offer advice. Im feeling all warm and fuzzy talking about it !

All you style savvy consumers, visit Skout- Kids Product Directory for fabulous finds

Visit the Skout Blog for 'something yummy!...something stylish!'

Speaking of YUMMY...have you heard of Trifle....Layers Of Lovely....


  1. I agree Lou is amazing and one woman I am really proud and lucky to know.

  2. Awwww Sarah .. U R one sweet lady xoxoxo