Monday, October 12, 2009

Diggers and Dump Trucks

Since our new little man will be arriving in one week and I'll have my hands full for quite a while afterwards, Im trying to get organised for my eldest little man's 3rd birthday party at the end of November. I just LURRRVVEE planning / designing / preparing for kids birthday parties and I dont want Jacks party to be quickly thrown together in a rush due to the arrival of his little brother. So Ive designed the invites (see above) so they are ready to print and send and Ive scribbled down all the details for decorations and food etc.

As most 2-3 years olds do...Jack loves diggers and dump trucks. So thats the theme this year, using a vibrant colour combo of yellow, orange and charcoal / grey. A few of the things on my list include; safety / traffic cones with big bunches of balloons tied to them, plastic construction hard hats for party hats, rocky road boulders, danger tape fairy bread (choc and yellow sprinkles in stripes), traffic light cookies, tin pails /dump trucks filled with lollies that tie in with the theme or colours ie Jaffas / flakes (as wood)...and more...ooh Im excited !

Im wondering if its possible to make chocolate crackles grey so it looks like cement - like use white choc and a mix of food colourings ? anyone know ?

If anyone has any cool ideas for a digger and dump truck party feel free to leave a comment :-)

Sarah xx


  1. Kids who loves to play these kind of machines. When they grow old, using digger derricks could be one of their good job. But before they can land to use such machines they must have proper training.

  2. Hi! - I really love the design for the invitations. We want to have a dump truck bday party for my son who's turning 2 in May. Would you consider selling this invitation template? thanks! KS

  3. I think this is the best invite for a construction party I have seen! I just love how modern it is while still keeping with a very traditional boy party theme! So cute!!!!!

  4. Gifting toy digger trucks to a child is indeed a good idea to make his/her birthday fascinating.

  5. Is this invitation available to buy?