Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gorgeous Fabric Designs

Yes.....I can do fabric design too :-)

A while ago now I had the pleasure of designing some very cute prints for a new range of Bambooty Nappies, I was SO excited this week to discover the designs have come to life...there's; tutu cute, hooty booty and zoom zoom (I love the names they came up with for the prints), Ive ordered some for Max and can't wait to see them in real life !

Bambooty Nappies are fashionable, affordable, eco-friendly all in one nappies. Easy to use - no folding, no pins, no covers. Easy to wash - no soaking, no bleach, no water hazards. Simply wash, dry and wear.

I actually havent used cloth nappies before, but it seems poor Max has some eczema so Im thinking the Bambooty Easy Dry nappies will be good for his skin.... apparently bamboo/organic cotton fleece next to the skin is good for eczema.

Sarah xx


  1. just gorgeous Sarah! love the fabric designs :)

  2. I love these prints and the names they came up with are perfect - especially like hoooty booty!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Is the fabric available by itself? I would love to make a cushion cover from the hooty booty for my son's (Max also!)owl themed nursery. My email address is tamsynriley AT gmail DOT com.

  4. Hi Tamsyn, sorry that design was custom made exclusively for Bambooty. Bambooty own the design now.