Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Styling for the boys: Lizard Party

I just luurrrrve simple, modern designs with lots of white space...so when I saw this very cool 7 year olds Lizard party by Shim + Sons in a fresh, crisp colour palette of black + white with green, I got very excited !

As a mother of 2 boys I love to see clever and creative ideas for boys parties. The fabric bunting, terrarium centerpieces, pebble containers holding little signs and the photo booth are a few of the details I love from this party.

Sally of Shim + Sons is a wife, mother and designer of handmade home accessories + paper goods, you can visit Sally's etsy shop here

Sarah xx


  1. fantastic - love the terrariums! thanks for the link.

  2. Hi Sarah!! Just Love the link!!! Thank you. Have a terrific week. Kisses, Bela.