Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Max's 2nd Birthday - Icecream Theme

These deliciously cute Icecream Party Printables are new to my store!
I designed them for my son's birthday, they will soon be available in another colour option for the girls ;-)

So, my precious baby boy Max (he is still my baby) is now 2 !

I decided on an Icecream theme for Max's party after I was inspired by a gorgeous little wooden Icecream van moneybox that I bought for Max from Seed.

To add a splash of colour to the Icecream theme I decided to add red balloons to the mix, and the lovely Sarah of Enchanted Belles created the perfect cake topper to tie the themes in together.
I love the idea of a handmade cake topper that becomes a keepsake after the party.

So...we invited friends and family for afternoon tea (cake and icecream!) to celebrate.

I decided to do something different for this invitation, it's a little more work than my other printable invitations, but it's really quite easy, you just need to use a circle punch and some foam dots (which are also used for party spots /cupcake toppers),
then a corner punch finishes it off nicely.

I had grand plans of making hanging clouds in front of a sky blue wall for the backdrop,
but time didn't allow, oh well! The shutters worked ok ;-)

Oh, and I found out that buttercream doesn't stay white when you make it the day before, lol, it goes a creamy yellow colour. Any tips from the cake decorators out there ? is there a white icing alternative that would be nice on a neopolitan flavor cake without having to use fondant icing ?)

Icecream was served in white cups from Montresor with wooden spoons from Sweet Style.
I printed my Icecream party spots on adhesive paper and stuck them on the cups.

The cute chalkboard frame was from Frame This.
I designed a print to fit inside the frame (easier than attempting to be neat with chalk!)

Sweet jars from Sharnel Dollar Designs!

Blue compotes from Sweet Little Birdy, and my printable party flags used to label the toppings

As a thank you for coming, we gave each child an Icecream bowl and matching spoon to take home, inside was a vanilla cupcake with a giant coconut and white chocolate covered marshmallow on top.

Yum, yum !



I also designed a Colouring in page to match the invitation,
which is now available here for you to download FREE on my website :-)

All the gorgeous photo's of the party were taken by the lovely Leighsa of Michelle-leigh Photography



  1. This is really lovely Sarah! Great design and love the colours together! Looks like your boys had a grand time! :)

  2. love this! so gorgeous!

    can i ask where you got the super cute ice-cream cup and spoons you used for the thank you gifts? and that amazing green skirt???????


  3. stunning, as always! skirt is either country road or sussans....thats my guess!! (LOVE)