Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Christmas Printable - Large Toblerone Wrap

The chocolate bar that says 'Christmas' to me is the Toblerone, my mum used to put one in mine and my brothers Christmas stocking every year.

So with that thought, I decided to design printable wrappers for the 12" Toblerone Bars. Personalised with your message on it (ie 'from xxxx) they make a great stocking stuffer, or gift for your children's daycare / school teachers.

Choose your design from the 5 options, it's $10 AUD for the personalised PDF file, print as many as you need; PRINT, TRIM and WRAP!

View my 2011 range of Christmas printables to match these wrappers here.

To purchase email

Merry Christmas!
Sarah xx

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