Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Nursery

Here's a few pics of the nursery I am decorating for our baby boy, due in October. I haven't quite finished fiddling around yet but Ive been so excited I had to share the WIP with you. I still have to design a canvas artwork (of course!) to add a finishing touch to the room.

Cool things; Kate Finn Elephant. Maiike Handmade Toy. Stickytiki Elephant Wall Decals. Green and Chocolate Paper Lanterns from Details Details. Tiger Tribe Elephant Mobile from The Hip Infant. Dwell Studio Gio Aqua Cot Set from Design Child (I have just ordered this, the photo is from the Design Child Website). The bookcase and green floor rug are from the one and only... IKEA.

Sarah xx

PS please excuse the bad photo's from my crappy digital camera (Im not the best photographer either lol) I am hoping to purchase a digital SLR very soon so I can take nicer pics)


  1. gorgeous! I think with your artwork the room will be divine! xx

  2. OH so cool Sarah..its looks just fantastic!!! Thank you so much for shopping with us we are excited your new bubs will have our little elephants in their gorgeous room xxx

  3. I think it is divine! It is not suprising that we have become friends as my nursery looks very similar!!!!
    Just love it x

  4. What a gorgeous room, I'm very jealous and look forward to the day when I can decorate my bubs room the way I want it!

  5. Beautiful- you obviously have a knack for styling.Absolutely special.