Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Funky Monsters !

Checkout this funky little fella ;-) I know I always tell you how much fun I have designing some logo's..I really do...and this one was no exception. Drawing little monsters took me back a bit - when I was a little girl I used to love to draw quirky little characters, I had a notebook full of them. My best friend and I actually created our own little world of characters called 'pea-pods', they were all the same body, then we would create different facial expressions, hair styles, and outfits for them, so much fun. I kept a lot of the drawing I did as a little girl, perhaps i will share some with you one day for a laugh.

Anyway, back on track...Funky Monsters was born when Nicole, mother of two little monsters, decided to make a pair of 'lounge pants' (cotton pants that are comfortable like tracksuit pants, but dressier and not so plain) for her son after she was unable to find some to buy. After so much great feedback Nicole also began to make baby booties, and her collection has now expanded to include Shorts, Bloomers, Onesies and Pillowcase style Dresses. Head over to Funky Monsters on madeit to view the cool collection !

Sarah xx


  1. Ohh I want to see the 'pea pods', you should make a story with them, bet it will make kids eat their peas!

  2. Thanks again Sarah! I am getting great feedback on the logo - BIG thumbs up xx

  3. such a great little logo! how fun are these projects, I am creating a new ID at the moment for Chamberlain Creations - they make educational wooden toys and art, and their 'mascot' is a ladybug - so fun!

    ~ Samone