Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mini Me ?

I was going through my photo's tonight and found a pic of my husband when he was 3, I hadnt seen it for ages and am amazed at how similar our 3 year old is to his daddy, I thought Id put them side by side along with one of me (don't tell hubby there is a baby pic of him on the world wide web!). Since Jack was born everyone always comments on how much he looks like his daddy, but as he has grown a lot more people say he looks like me.

Whilst I was going through the pics I was blown away at how similar my two boys Jack and Max are, I hadn't looked at Jacks baby pics for a while, and tonight, for the first time, I got the boys muddled up - I thought I was looking at pics of Max (our 4 month old) for a moment, then I realised they were Jack ! going through them all I could pick out even more similarities in the expressions on their faces, the way they hold their hands etc.

Max is becoming a real little character too just like his brother, with their cheeky grins, smiling eyes and ADORABLE dimples. It will be interesting to see how similar they look as Max grows older.

Sarah xx

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