Monday, May 10, 2010


Mothers day was perfect... it started with Jack and I making a chocolate cake (while daddy mopped the floors and little Max napped), and ended with my family sitting around the fire at mums farm, toasting marshmallows.

I always go in and check my kids, give them a kiss and make sure they are tucked in before I go to bed, and on sunday I did the same, but stayed for a while just watching....overwhelmed with love, so precious, I hope I never ever forget the details of them as babies, their smell, the sweet baby breath, little snores like a cat purring, perfect little squishy faces, gorgeous kissable lips..too cute.

I hope my boys and I grow to be as close as I am to my mum, and remember are NEVER too old for cuddles for mum!



  1. How good is Mother's Day ?? What a cute photo... Little boys are just so scrumptious - especially covered in chocolate !!!! xx Kate

  2. this was my very first time celebrating mother's day as a mother and i feel the exact same way our cups run over...