Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Baby Shower to swoon over

This makes my heart is sing (as my lovely friend Sharnel would say).

I am besotted by the gorgeous details of this divine circus themed baby shower via SMP, the geometric pattern for a modern twist, the custom made canopy, the pom poms, the little flags on the pencils, blush pink, bright pink, mint and white.....oh oh oh its all SO gorgeous !

Sarah xx


  1. oh my gosh, that does make my heart sing! so so beautiful. i love the touch of modern whimsy.
    thanks for sharing sarah.

  2. Love this one - everything is so lovely and there are so many things that can be used for lots of different types of parties.

  3. In love. Adore the pom pom trimmed cake stand. A simple, lovely idea. Thanks for sharing xo

  4. I love the geometric tablecloth, the pom pom trimmed cake stand, and also how the shower is simple but quite visually beautiful at the same time.

  5. i am in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. a poem with images...I couldn´t help faling in love with those photos!!!=)