Thursday, July 1, 2010


This is the invitation I designed for my godson's 4th birthday party. I love black, but Ive got a thing about kids pirate parties and black...I just prefer more 'friendly' pirate colours :-)

I think I will have to throw a pirate themed party for my son in the next few years...well I can't not really...with a name like Jack (Captain Jack!). So maybe next year for the pirate party - I already have his 4th birthday this year planned...hehe...Im choosing the themes while I can (is that cheeky of me lol ?!) as Im sure I will be told what theme for the big '5' next year.

So if I were planning a Pirate Party I would be inspired by this one (photo above) from Scissors. Paper. Cake.

Sarah xx

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  1. so cute - the octopus looks like it has measles or chicken pox hehehee