Monday, November 15, 2010

{Print to Party Decor} Vintage Tricycle and Kite Party

Canvas Artwork by Style Me Gorgeous

A little ribbon garland I made from gorgeous washi tapes, this hung across the front of the table
(please excuse the crumpled table cloth, ...again ran out of time!)

Another beautiful shot of my baby boy by Renee of NFE Design

The inspiration for Max's First birthday theme was the canvas artwork (above) that I designed which hangs in Max's bedroom. I had plans to include a wooden plane hanging behind the dessert table with the kite banner...but ran out of time, a nice thought though :-)

I decided on a soft, clean colour palette of pale blues and browns, perfect for a sweet and handsome little boy! (for a boys party I guess you can only really get away with such 'sweetness' for a first birthday so I had to advantage of that). I added natural twine, brown paper and wood elements to give a simple, clean and casual feel.

I found the cute little trike on the cake on etsy and spray painted it baby blue.

The beautiful bell domes that I used to display the cookies were from

Mini cookie jars from

Buffet label holders from

Cupcake holder from

Wooden cones (for the popcorn), thick brown and cream twine on kite banner from

The kite banner was made from felt, it was the quickest thing to make out of everything, I printed out the letters on A4 paper, cut them out and traced them onto felt that was sticky on one side, thread through some twine, tied on the ribbon and there you have it.

I think a fun party activity to go with this theme would be to have the kids decorate their own little kites then attempt to fly them, I bought some kites for the kids to fly but the weekend of the party we had terrible winds that would have blew the kids away with the kite !

Ok now Im off to do some planning for my eldest son's 4th birthday party, another theme inspired by one of my canvas artworks... sneak peaks soon ;-)

Thankyou all so much for your feedback, I really appreciate you taking the time !

Sarah xx


  1. What a very lucky birthday boy - to have such a creative Mama !! Can I ask you where you bought the duck egg blue ceramic jugs ? I am on the search for something similar........Thank you x

  2. Hi Kate, sure they are Robert Gordon jugs, a friend of mine got them for me.

  3. Love how you used the washi tape for the garland. I'm definitely using that idea for a baby shower I'm hosting!

    You did an awesome job w/ designing your baby's party!

  4. Hi, so beautiful, I think I might have found the inspiration for my son's 1st birthday party. Can I ask where you bought the tricycle for the cake? Thank you and keep up your amazing work!

  5. So adorable. May I ask how the kite was made on the cake?

  6. super cute and I love it! where to get the little tricycle cake topper and the kite?