Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Sweet Little Boy's First Birthday

My baby boy, Max, turned one last month. Ohhh I think Im still in denial that he is one, when my eldest Jack turned one I was fine, but with Max I shed a tear or just goes too fast.

I had so so many ideas for Max's party, and you know how it goes..things rarely go to plan. We moved house the same week so I didnt have time to do a few things, and we had horrible winds on the party day which meant I couldnt have the table outdoors as planned so had to change the backdrop at the last minute, oh well! get over it Sarah ;-)

Anyway it was a beautiful day with friends and family, Max got lovely gifts (that his big brother had a great time opening) and enjoyed his mummy's mudcake very much!

I want to say a special thank you to Renee of NFE Design for photographing the day for us, I didnt have time to take a single photo so thank god for Renee! and how gorgeous is her photography.

I hope you enjoy the pics and I would love to hear your feedback.

The invitation along with a badge magnet (Invite Printable by Style Me Gorgeous)

The banner I made out of felt, ribbon and was easy peasy

Yummy wafer sticks as straws...I got this idea fromthe girls at details details!

Name banner Printable by Style Me Gorgeous

The favor bags wrapped in brown paper, twine and a badge contained a wooden spinning top,
a DIY jet plane and some chocolates
. The favor bag tag by Style Me Gorgeous had the words 'thanks for rolling by'

Party Flag Printables by Style Me Gorgeous

Another little take home favor for the kids, 'milk and cookies for the road',
cookie topper printable by Style Me Gorgeous
These were hung on a little wooden clothes line with wooden pegs.

Chocolate bar wrappers by Style Me Gorgeous

I will give you stockist details and how to's from the party in my next post.

The full range of DIY party printables from Max's Party are available for purchase here.

Sarah xx

PS I love it when people notice the little details (Jordan ;-) )...I like the party boy to co-ordinate with his party, so I made Max his own little badge, and he wore these gorgeous little blue and white striped Oobi baby shorts, too cute.


  1. this party is divine sarah! I cannot believe he is one now too. That is crazy! xx

  2. oh thankyou, you were quick Hayley !! i thought i was going to make the first comment...i was going to say i love the light in these photos Renee took...Max looks like an angel in the first one with his halo of fluffy blonde hair! love him to bits !!xx

  3. Just beautiful Sarah - it all looks perfect to me! Why are we always so critical of our own parties - great job. Leanne

  4. Very stylish indeed, just lovey Sarah. Think the bunting across his highchair with the big and little pegs is precious! x

  5. Ha :) You made me smile with that last comment! Such a sweet party, love that it is still 'little boy'. You're right, they do grow so fast! x

  6. Just Beautiful !!!! I love details, and your party is just full of gorgeous and stylish details!! Congrats!

    Quick questions: where can I find those glass milk bottles that you used for the chocolate milk?

  7. Just beautiful Sarah, You make it look all so easy.

  8. Its all beautiful Sarah, the light and the softness is magical x

  9. Goodmorning Sarah,
    Wow, It's all so beautiful! The thank you cards, the chocolate bars, the little flags... love it!
    And with the beautiful pictures and this post, Max will have something very special to look at when he is older.
    Have a good weekend!

  10. This is an absolutely gorgeous party Sarah! My absolute favourite detail is the cookie and milk bottle lollie favors - they are absolutely darling! Beautiful work! Kx

  11. Hi Flaca, the bottles are from Woolworths (in Australia), they are a little 6 pack of fruit juices!

  12. WOW what a beautiful party! Your little boy is adorable and your sure did celebrate his 1st birthday in style! I love all the details, the MAX kites are precious!

  13. I have a special love for sweet boy parties, since I don't get the pleasure of princesses, you did an amazing job, I loved the treats on the clothesline especially!

  14. Amazing first birthday party! So sweet!

  15. Oh Sarah, it's all so lovely, what a sweet theme, Jane:)

  16. Where did you get the milk shaped fun gums? I have looked all over for them!

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