Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Father's Day Printables


The cute little clear paint pails are from The Little Big Company

Ok, so it's been quite a long time since I blogged! 

I have been quite busy with design work (which is great of course), 
but I do hope to get back here a little more often in the future.

I have some NEW Father's Day printables for you :-)

The pack is $20 AUD and contains a bunch of great printables that you can
use to create some fantastic gifts for your Dad's, Pop's and Grandads! 

Here's what is included:

- 400g Toblerone Chocolate Wrapper (3 kinds: best dad, best pop, best grandad)
- 200g Chocolate Block Wrapper printable
- 140mm square Gift Card
- Gift Vouchers (4 kinds: one bear hug, one sleep late, one back rub, one lunch date)
- 2 inch circle tags (5 kinds: enjoy, happy father's day, best dad, best pop, best grandad)
- 90mm square labels (10 kinds: happy father's day, daddy's treat jar, daddy's nuts and bolts, daddy's nuts, pops treat jar, pops nuts, granddads treat jar, grandads nuts and bolts, granddads nuts)

To purchase this pack please email info@stylemegorgeous.com.au

Oh, and there is a FREE 'Best Dad' colouring page on our website just here.


Sarah xx