Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vintage Circus

Circus / Carnival themed parties have always been very popular, I did a circus train theme for my son's 2nd birthday a couple of years ago (top pic). There have been plenty of gorgeous circus / carnival theme parties popping up lately..and Im loving how the theme keeps on being re-invented with everyone doing it in different styles or different colours.

I fell in love with the circus party ideas of Sweet Paul via Hip Hooray (thanks for introducing me girls!). The seal cookies are too cute..I love that they double as decorations. I also adore the spotty bunting cake, its simple yet so effective, and one that anyone could have a crack doesnt have to be perfect...thumbs up for the textured icing look!

There is certainly no shortage of circus themed decorations, lollies, partyware etc out there...its just a matter of narrowing it all down! I came across this cute pop up clown card from Poketo today, this would be a fun invitation idea.

So naturally now I am very keen to try my hand at the circus party again for one of my boys birthdays..but this time vintage, I will have to come up with a way to give it a unique twist (fun, fun, fun).

I cant get enough of vintage right now, Im going to do a vintage 'boys toys' theme for Max's 1st birthday, I will show you some of my inspiration for that later ;-)

Sarah xx


  1. Love the idea! You will do a brilliant job, I cant wait to see the pics! :)
    The post from Hip Hooray is just divine.
    I did a circus theme last year for Maddox's 2nd bday, and the way I brought some vintage to it was with a black and white elephant image balancing a ball, tied in with red 'circus' writing...and yellow and blue colours too.
    Love the vintage toys idea too!
    Those straws would look perfect ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing the pics. I'm doing a red, white and blue theme for BuBba's birthday next month and you've provided me with some great inspiration :)


  3. Stylish, gorgeous, stunning!!! Wow just amazing, love it!
    Come and visit my little jedi blog and say hi xx

  4. Such a fun theme!! I love what you did for your son's 2nd birthday - FANTASTIC!! I recently saw pictures of an American wedding that was completely carnvial/circus theme and it was AMAZING!! So creative and colourful!! Thanks for sharing this post with us Sarah ;o)
    Claire @ Scissors Paper Rock: