Monday, June 22, 2009

Star Mums In Business

Stacey and Kelly of Mummy Went To Market are two mumpreneurs who wanted me to come up with a funky logo and website to represent themselves and their brilliant new fruit and veg business concept. I really enjoyed doing this logo, it was great working with these much energy and excitement happening ! I have to tell you all about MWTM, I have a feeling they will be HUGE !

Mummy Went to Market is a locally (Newcastle and Hunter Valley, NSW) owned business, operated by two mums, Stacey and Kelly, who know how hard it is to juggle the demands of life.
Fed up with the rising costs of feeding their families healthy food, not to mention finding the time to get to the supermarket with children in tow...they decided to head to the markets to see what they could buy. With a desire to make it easy for other families to get the essentials each week at an affordable price, they created a business that meets those needs.

Each week these two Mummies get up early, pull on their funky pink paisley gumboots and head off to the markets... selecting a variety of quality produce that has been delivered fresh to the markets that morning, they carefully pack each box by hand, and deliver it that same afternoon.

To all you Newcastle / Hunter Valley families...I have a MWTM box delivered every week, and highly recommend this fantastic service, anything that cuts down the time spent in the supermarket with a whinging 2 year old is FABULOUS ! The produce is yummy and fresh, and its exciting to get something different every week, it encourages you to add a bit of variety into your family meals rather than getting stuck making the same thing every week :-)

Visit the website for more information on franchising opportunities, gift boxes and fundraising !

SAVE TIME AND MONEY - try MWTM out today...and spread the word !

Congratulations girls !

Sarah xx

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