Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lovely Lou !

Most of you would have heard me speak of Lou before on my blog, she is an amazing, inspirational woman who is the founder of the fabulous social networking site Skout Trade Fair and more recently the innovative new online shopping destination Trifle Shoppe (which I had the great pleasure of designing logo and website for). I dont have enough words to describe Lou, all I know is the world is a better place for her, I just want you to all know about Lou and share some of her great read on...btw I have to new fave quote is from Lou 'if mumma is happy everyone will be happy' (so so true in my house lol)

What inspired you to start your online business ?

Having been a designer myself .. and then working with soooo many talented industry people on Skout Trade Fair it just seemed like a natural progression of sorts! .. lol.. is that lame ?

I also wanted to offer designers another channel to get their products to the consumer … one which was a bit more direct .. and one that somewhat challenged the status quo …

How did you come up with the name ''Trifle" ?

Seriously? I was sitting in the car (passenger) on the way to an out of town rugby game for my 7 yr old …. Kids in the back and hubby driving… thinking of what I would like to “do” next…. This collaboration project came to mind… something where I could work beside the designers …. Then of course it needed a name … and Trifle came to mind …
It reminded me of Christmas at Grandmas, Cut Crystal Bowls, and Warmth, comfort & trust.

What did you want to be when you were a little girl ?

ha ha ha – I was always the entrepreneur.. I used to draw pictures and sell them to the neighbours… or put on magic shows and sell tickets! I wanted to have my own flower shop … cos I loved creating bouquets… I adored finding mums best fabrics (usually those she had tucked away for something special!) .. and cutting into them to make dresses for my dolls !

What is your favourite colour ?

hmmmmm …. For interiors I love white.. I know boring ! … but u can accessorize white so easily with reds and browns and neutrals …. I wear a lot of black – again boring ! … but I do love Pink ….. ! how many girls don’t?

What is the best thing about being a work a home mum ?

I can work in my jimmies till noon if I like ! … ha ha ha ….. (and believe me – I do!) …. I can go on school and kindy trips with my babies ….. there is not worries if one of the kids is sick … I am not working for anyone else !

What advise do you have for other mums wanting to start a business from home ?

My one piece of tried and tested and true advice I always give and swear by … “ START”

How do you juggle the balance of working at home and being mum ?

I often don’t think I do this very well…. And of course you always feel guilty for something – that is the true female way – right??? But- having said that … my kids are loved and happy and content … they have a mum who is doing what she loves… is always home for them … and is usually totally flexible … so I guess I am doing something right …

I try so hard to either work or be Mum … the two don’t mix very well…. And it becomes frustrating for everyone when I have to get something out and they need me … it doesn’t work… they all play well together and that helps and they are getting to the age where they don’t need me to do every little thing for them …

My two cents in this area of “balance” …. U will never get it completely right …. Some days will be better than others.. don’t stress abt it …. Know you are doing the best for yourself and your family … and the golden rule .. if mumma is happy everyone will be happy!

What do you do to relax / what is your idea of a relaxing day ?

Sunshine, a lake , the kids, hubby, a BBQ and a nice glass or two of NZ wine ! I am not a complicated creature !

Tell us 3 of your favourite things in trifle shoppe right now ?

That is so unfair ! …. Ok …

1. loving Right Bank Babies (USA) right now …. Ellen is a dream to work with . .. so friendly and has definitely been given more than her fair share of creativity… fave piece right now ? Their Reversible Orange One Dress

2. Let Them Eat Cake (UK) – Felicity (Flic) is soooo talented… fave piece from LTEC at the mo? Their Athalie Dress

3. Free range Baby from New Zealand ... Vic is divine … a real sweetheart … her range is such a treat …. Fave item ?… Deco Daisy Pet Pocket Pinafore

Wasn’t I a good girl… I completely covered the globe !

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