Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hi Guys,

Sorry but a bit of a sad post today.

Some of my design work has been stolen, and ended up being sold on etsy as a pre-made' logo. After contacting the shop owner it has been taken down, fingers have been pointed and I don't know how it has started, who started it, and who to trust...

I know this happens to so many people, every day, today it has happened to me, it is so upsetting when you put so much heart into your work as I do.

I just want to say, to any copycats out there, that it is a small world and you WILL be caught out and shamed eventually, Karma IS real.

I want to thank all my true followers that support me, it is with your support and encouragement that I will keep on designing with my head held high.

Sarah xx


  1. PS. trademark your logo's if you have one !

  2. oh dear, that's not cool at all! get your own idea's peoples! so great that you found it though

    ~ Samone

  3. That really sucks Sarah!!! You are so talented , you can certainly hold your head up high. Isn't etsy about handmade and ones own designs? Good on you for calling them out.
    Kim :)

  4. Damn, that's so dodgy. Reminds me of the recent alleged Paperchase copyright theft >.<

  5. That is soo sooo sooo lazy and bad and sad all in one. Very glad you found it...

  6. So sorry to hear that Sarah. Keep up your great work.